The Yellow Train = sustainable tourism


We are committed to sustainable tourism that contributes to improving the health of the planet through local experiences focused on strengthening, preserving and promoting the history, culture and heritage of our destinations: Tarragona & Moraira.

the yellow train tarragona

our mission

Our mission is to create sustainable tourism through local empowerment. We focus on being an active part of the development of the territory and the living culture of our destinations, extolling their identity, culture and heritage through sustainable experiences on board our tourist train: THE YELLOW TRAIN.

No matter your race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or international origin, economic status, birth or any other social condition, we only seek your satisfaction through an immersive train experience through the past, present and future of our destinations.

An immersive & sustainable experience, which does not imply a high cost, but is sustainable tourism, yes, but accessible to all ages: child, junior or senior. An experience in which our standards of safety in the means of transport flow, respect for the environment towards our destinations, as well as generating social cohesion between locals and visitors.

the yellow train moraira

our values

PEOPLE: We inspire our entire team to become the best hosts at the destination in order to not only provide the best local information to experience the trip as a local, but also to transmit the general practice of sustainable tourism throughout the stay.

ECONOMY: We promote and encourage the destination’s economy, always informing from a local point of view with the aim of reinforcing traditional culture and values.

RESPECT: We work on corporate protocols in which an immersive experience can be enjoyed, but protecting venues from noise and thus contributing to reduce noise pollution.

ENVIRONMENT: We use a sustainable means of transport with a pollution level of 0.7% (World Tourism Organisation & United Nations data) and which runs on liquefied gas (LPG), is sustainable, high purity, generates few toxic emissions and helps to protect and keep the air in our destinations clean.

Our vision

Our vision is to be part of a sustainable tourism that guarantees economic growth, environmental care and social welfare. Tourism that adds annually to reducing the carbon footprint, but does not detract from providing travellers from all over the world with a unique local & immersive experience.

We work day by day to create sustainable tourism as a source of wellbeing and quality of life  that brings enriching tourism experiences and progress to our destinations.

We are responsible for ensuring the sustainable development of tourism and making our destinations better cities for the people who live in them and for the people who visit them.  Our objective is focused on minimising their environmental impact and promoting their cultural, artistic, gastronomic, musical heritage…

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Due to the current restoration works in the city, our route will be altered in the coming weeks and, consequently, stop 12 will be temporarily removed from our route.

Sorry for the inconvenience 🙏